Pay Per Profile

Pay Per Profile

Pay Per Profile is a system where you can pay for each profile, According to your requirements. It means you will not buy a monthly, Quarterly, or yearly package. But you can pay only when you have open vacancies in your company. So Rightjobs4you Pvt. Ltd. providing you that platform.

Pay Per Profile is a new concept launched by Rightjobs4you Pvt. Ltd in which we can consider hiring costs in the budget. We want to cover small organizations to take advantage of this in the hiring process. Hiring expenses creating the biggest obstacle in recruiting new talent.

In Pay, Per Profile Companies can cost-effectively close their vacancies. Companies will save their time while they proceed with this, Recruiter will save their time while hiring new employees for the organization.

In Pay Per Profile, You can close your vacancies according to your wish. By screening several resumes, Which you received on your job post. You have full freedom to choose the applicant by considering the job description, skillset in your mind.

By choosing Pay Per Profile, You can hire candidates for your company in frictionless time, On less budget, and with fewer efforts.




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